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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Rock Spring, WY

With its perfect combination of style and performance, luxury vinyl flooring, or LV flooring, is one of today’s most popular options. Offering authentic wood, tile, and stone visuals, LVF is made to resist moisture and everyday wear and tear, making it an enduring alternative to pricier materials. Striving to meet the needs of the communities we serve; J.C. Jacobs Carpet One Floor & Home in Rock Springs, Wyoming, has got you covered with our ever-expanding collection of luxury vinyl. You’ll find all your vinyl flooring needs at our Rock Springs showroom.



Are There Different Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Yes, there are three main types of luxury vinyl flooring available today, including luxury vinyl plank, vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl. Each has its advantages. Below we go more into detail about luxury vinyl tile and plank.




What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tiles are widely known for their similarities to traditional tiles. However, luxury vinyl tiles offer a few unique benefits when compared to traditional tiles. Luxury vinyl tiles are much easier to install, and they are even more comfortable to stand on. LVT flooring is ultra-durable. Many of our products have a urethane-based finish that’s as tough as diamonds. This surface is also very easy to clean. Additionally, it’s slip-resistant and crack-resistant. The next time you step out onto a real tile floor that’s older, notice that it often has cracks and chips. Thanks to its synthetic construction, LVT does not have this problem. Some of our vinyl collections also have cushioned underlayment that adds insulation, softness, and noise control.




What Are Luxury Vinyl Planks?

Vinyl plank flooring is a more durable alternative to hardwood and laminate. Vinyl plank is durable and stylish because of its unique layered construction. The top layer, or the wear layer, resists scratches and scuffs, and it can also handle spills and stains. This wear layer protects the design layer, which includes an ultra-realistic wood visual. With this design layer, vinyl plank flooring looks exactly like real hardwood. Underneath the wear and design layers are support layers that are called core and base layers. These support layers provide exceptional strength and stability to each vinyl plank. With the layered construction, vinyl plank flooring can handle pretty much anything life has to offer. The planks are unlikely to scratch, chip, or collapse even high traffic areas, and they also will not swell when exposed to moisture. As a result, vinyl plank flooring can be installed in a variety of home settings, including kitchens and bathrooms.




Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

There are water-resistant and waterproof vinyl flooring ( options. Waterproof vinyl planks give you the choice to have gorgeous hardwood looks in your bathroom or kitchen without water damage. Luxury vinyl is generally water-resistant, but waterproof luxury vinyl takes it to the next level with 100% moisture protection. It has a watertight seal and is typically installed without seams so that liquid can’t escape below the surface. In comparison, regular luxury vinyl will repel water to some degree, but if you let a spill sit over time, the liquid can eventually sink into the floor. Another major difference is that waterproof luxury vinyl has a specialized core layer that traps moisture and prevents it from reaching the subfloor. Lastly, luxury vinyl has a durable, layered build to give it stability despite humidity changes and heavy foot traffic.




Where Can I Install Luxury Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile. You can add it essentially anywhere. Since real hardwood and tile floors aren’t always a realistic option due to HOA restrictions, humid climates, and budget limitations, luxury vinyl is popular throughout the home. Fortunately, your eyes won’t notice the difference, since photorealistic techniques are used to create a surface that is identical to actual hardwood, tile, or stone. Commercial vinyl plank flooring and tiles are also ideal choices for busy settings like downtown shops, restaurants, cafes, and more. We have an in-house team of installers who are both efficient and talented at their craft. Luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t just need to be enjoyed in residential homes, we also install it in commercial properties like restaurants, airports, schools, hospitals, and more!




Where Do I Find Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near Me?

You can find a top-quality selection of luxury vinyl flooring in Rock Springs, Wyoming, right here at J.C. Jacobs Carpet One Floor & Home. We offer competitive vinyl flooring prices for premium products. You’ll find the best LVP flooring from top luxury vinyl flooring brands and Carpet One exclusive brands in our showroom, including Invincible H20 and Mannington Audra. We also offer pet-friendly and kid-friendly options for homes that need extra durability and moisture protection. We proudly provide flooring and installation services to Rock Springs and all-over Western Wyoming. Come to our showroom to get started or check out our luxury vinyl flooring selection online.




Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation



luxury Vinyl Flooring Room Sceneluxury Vinyl Flooring Room Sceneluxury Vinyl Flooring Room Scene
luxury Vinyl Flooring Room Sceneluxury Vinyl Flooring Room Scene 



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How to Maintain Luxury Vinyl Maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring is relatively easy to clean and maintain. For the most part, spills can be wiped from the surface without many issues, and the surface will rarely scratch or scuff.




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