Innovia Carpet

Premium softness and stain resistance from Innovia

Our Exclusive Selection

Innovia carpet Rock Springs, WY

As part of Carpet One, we at J.C. Jacobs Carpet One are able to offer exclusive flooring brands and styles that you simply cannot find anywhere else. One of these exclusive brands is Innovia. Innovia offers quality carpet that is durable enough for even the busiest of homes.

Innovia carpet is a great option for homes because it combines softness and stain resistance. For extra softness, Innovia carpets are made with special INNOTEX fibers. These fibers are specially-engineered to be super-fine, so they are thinner than the average fibers. As a result, Innovia carpets are made with more fibers than the average carpet, so they certainly bring a whole new level of comfort and luxury. For extra softness, be sure to check out Innovia Touch. Innovia Touch is over 50% softer than regular Innovia.

What about stain resistance? Innovia features built-in stain and soil protection that is permanent. The protection will never wash off or wear away over time, so Innovia carpets for the most part remain protected forever. With the built-in protection, Innovia carpets can be cleaned with only water, and this undoubtedly saves you both time and money in the long-run. It’s no surprise that Innovia carpets are called “Xtreme Clean.”

Even with the built-in protection, Innovia is an eco-friendly carpet option. The INNOTEX fibers are natural-based, and they also remain free from harmful chemicals. So, Innovia carpet is not only durable enough for your home and family; it’s healthy enough as well.

Visit our Rock Springs, WY store to learn more about Innovia and to feel the softness, comfort, and warmth of an Innovia carpet first-hand!