Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the most popular countertop options for home settings

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Homeowners love choosing high-quality kitchen countertops because they can add unique style and character to their settings. While granite has traditionally been the more popular countertop choice, quartz countertops now appear to be the first-choice in kitchens. Why?

Quartz countertops, like granite and other stone options, offer natural visuals. In fact, based on appearance alone, it’s difficult to discern between quartz and granite. Nonetheless, quartz countertops are not naturally occurring; rather, they are specially-manufactured. More specifically, they are made from 93% natural quartz and 7% composite materials (including resin). As a result, manufacturers can control the patterns and textures of quartz countertops, and this allows them to create perfect designs that have no defects.

In addition, because quartz is manufactured, it has a consistent color and pattern throughout the entire construction. This means that any surface blemishes will be difficult to see. Granite, because it does not have a consistent color and pattern, does not do well to hide blemishes.

More importantly, because quartz countertops have a special construction, they are much more durable and easier to maintain than granite. Quartz, for example, is non-porous, which means that liquids will never seep past the surface. Plus, the surface is totally stain and scratch resistant, even without any special treatments. Granite, as you probably know, needs to be sealed and resealed to resist scratches and stains. So, if you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, quartz should definitely be your first countertop consideration.

Quartz, given its durability, is a great choice in bathrooms as well, as you can see from the image below.

Our Selection

We at J.C. Jacobs Carpet One are your neighborhood countertop experts, and we offer quartz countertops from MSI Stone, Pental, and Cambria. To learn more about our selection, be sure to visit our Rock Springs, WY showroom today!

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