Karastan luxury and quality

Karastan Carpet

Karastan’s very first rug was introduced in 1928. Although the rug was machine-made, it had handmade quality. This was certainly the beginning of Karastan’s long-standing insistence on innovative processes and quality materials.   

The early success continued less than a decade later. At the 1933-1934 World Fair in Chicago, Karastan decided to let the public “experience” its new rug. Countless people viewed and then walked over the rug to test out its comfort. Later on, Karastan cleaned the rug to show the public that regardless of foot traffic, its rugs would remain strong and clean. The public was shocked, and the Karastan rugs became known as “The Wonder Rugs of America”.

To this day, Karastan remains committed to quality and luxury by utilizing only high quality materials and processes. Also, Karastan is an eco-friendly company. It only uses sustainable materials and reserve natural resources, and it also repurposes the excess persistently. Furthermore, Karastan strives to create responsible resolutions and always plans ahead to enhance improvement in every area of the environment. Karastan aggressively develops, researches, and finds new ways to conserve the planet and create products that increase the comfort and health of your home.

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