Take advantage of COREtec's premium looks, durability, and comfort

COREtec Flooring

J.C. Jacobs Carpet One in Rock Springs is your local expert when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, and we are excited to offer a great selection of COREtec flooring options. COREtec, which is manufactured by US Floors, is one of the most innovative luxury vinyl flooring options available for your home.

COREtec was the first, and remains the most popular, engineered luxury vinyl floor.  It features a super-strong waterproof core that provides exceptional dimensional stability to each COREtec plank and tile.  As such, COREtec will not expand or contract when exposed to moisture, nor will it ever crack or break under heavy foot traffic.  Also, COREtec has a strong top layer that resists virtually all scratches and scuffs.  COREtec therefore can be installed anywhere in the home, from kitchens to bathrooms to basements.

In addition, COREtec, like other luxury vinyl flooring options, is available in a variety of natural stone and wood looks.  And, COREtec Plus, which is the most popular COREtec option, even offers authentic surface textures. So, COREtec, although it is totally waterproof and wear resistant, looks and feels exactly like stone and wood. 


Our COREtec Selection

COREtec One

COREtec One is the original COREtec floor. It has the patented COREtec structure, which is a special core that provides extra support and stability to the entire floor. Also, COREtec One is 100% waterproof, and the planks will never expand or contract under moist conditions.

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COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus is very similar to COREtec One, but it has an additional cork underlayment. This cork underlayment provides extra comfort and warmth underfoot, and it helps muffle the sounds of foot traffic. Also, with the cork underlayment, COREtec Plus can be installed over certain uneven subfloors. For longer planks, check out COREtec Plus XL, and for more authentic wood designs, take a look at COREtec Plus HD.

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COREtec Plus Design

Without a doubt, COREtec Plus Design, as the name implies, offers the most unique styles and designs. It is available with multi-tone planks, which means that some planks are darker than the others. This creates a truly nature-inspired design that can make your room setting one-of-a-kind. Also, COREtec Plus Design is available with multi-width planks. Like all COREtec Plus floors, COREtec Plus Design has the special core structure and cork underlayment.

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