Cobble Creek Countertops

Enhance the beauty of your home with a quality countertop

Granite, Quartz, and Solid Surface Countertops

Cobble Creek Rock Springs, WY

J.C. Jacobs Carpet One is a dealer of Cobble Creek countertops! Enhance the beauty of your home with granite, quartz, or the manmade Solid Surface countertops. All Cobble Creek countertops are available in a world of colors and patterns.

Granite offers a countertop that is both very durable and beautiful. No two pieces of the stone are the same, offering a unique visual appearance that showcases natural beauty. Granite is very hard and you can cut food directly on top of it without leaving a scratch! It can also withstand heat generated by toasters, griddles, hot cooking pans, etc. without burning or leaving any marks! Granite requires yearly sealing to prevent staining, but otherwise it is very easy to clean and maintain!

Quartz countertops are made from ground quartz minerals combined with resins that make the countertop into one solid piece. This can allow for a more uniform appearance that is impossible with granite, as well as different colors and patterns. It also requires no sealing whatsoever, and is just as durable as granite.

Solid Surface is Cobble Creek’s manmade countertop product that is made from resins, pigments, and other materials that give products the unique appearance of natural stone. Solid Surface countertops can be molded and machined into almost any shape and sink bays can be molded directly into the counter without any seams.

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